Aloha!  My name is Christian Dave Collado, and I am in seventh grade.  Right now I am currently at Nanakuli High and Intermediate school, but I mentor and participate with my fellow robotic members in Nanaikapono Elementary School.  I have been in robotics for at least two years now, and I am still loving everything about it.  


Some activities that I enjoy doing here in robotics are team building activities because it allows you and your team to think out of the box.  To add to that we also learn to work together as a team to build awesome and successful robots that actually can be maneuverable either by a controller or by a program that we do on our computers.  

As for myself robotics has helped me accomplish personals goals like talking in front of other people instead of being reticent.  I’ve learned to do this by sharing out my ideas with the robotics team.  Back then when I wasn’t in robotics speaking in front of other people was always a harrowing thought to me. This is why I’m lucky to be one of the special people on this team.

This trip will also benefit me into being meticulous about observing the details of other teams’ ROVs which will give us some ideas about various ROV designs that we can use.  As for traveling, I can bond more with the team that is chosen to go to Atlanta and traveling makes me so felicitous that it will motivate me to do more for the robotics team. Thank you for your time!

Aloha, my name is Kruzzlyn Charity Kalyssa Kahunanui Makanani. I am currently in 5th grade, and I go to Nanaikapono Elementary School. I have been in robotics for about half a year and I am liking robotics so far. Robotics helped me talk more about my thoughts and experiences instead of being shy and quiet all the time. It also helped me in school by being confident in talking in front of people. The program has helped me think more out of the box while trying to resolve a real world problem.

It benefited me in the community by giving me some background information about engineering robots. The robots that I have built in robotics so far are Lego EV3 robots and underwater robots. I like robotics because it is a big opportunity to get into a spectacular robotics team. I say this because you can’t just say like can I be in robotics then they would say yes. The coaches need to pick who to be on the team, and it is depending on your school work and how you are doing in school. With this knowledge that I gained in robotics I plan to apply for a career that is related to engineering so I can use it to share my ideas to others to help the earth to be more safe including pollution and animal abuse.


I say that this trip to Atlanta is important to me because to be honest this is my first time going off of the Hawaiian Islands. Another reason why is because I get to see other teams robots to inspire my thinking about making another robot for the next year. My final reason is that going to Atlanta would give me some ideas on maybe what kind of college or school I would want to attend to in the future. Thank you!      

Christian Collado

Kruzzlyn Makanani

Kanoa Empleo

My name is Kanoa Empleo, and I am in the sixth grade at Nanaikapono Elementary School.  This is my first year on the Nanaikapono Robotics team. I have only been in Robotics for 8-9 months, but being on the team has had a very large impact on my behavior, personality, and how I think.


Robotics has helped and taught me many things. For example, it taught me to think more complexly, plan ahead rather than just doing, and also helped me improve my problem-solving and communication skills.  These skills will help me in college and in my future career.  I hope to someday go to a college in the mainland and pursue a career in math and science.

This trip to Atlanta will mean a lot to me for many reasons: going to Atlanta would be my first trip off the island in a long time, and it will be very exciting and fun.  Most importantly, it will be a learning experience that will later help in my future.

Noelani Chung

Aloha, my name is Noelani Jade Chung. I am in the sixth grade at Nanaikapono Elementary School. I have been in robotics for about 2 years now. Robotics has helped me to gain confidence talking in front of crowds, sharing my ideas and not getting embarrassed.   Before coming to robotics I was very quiet and never shared my ideas because I was way to scared to talk and I was ashamed of myself.  Robotics has made a very big impact on my community because we have been in the Westside Stories Newspaper and everyone comes up to me and asks what robotics is about.  I tell them if you get a chance to be in robotics then take the opportunity and don’t miss out on it.  This knowledge from robotics really helped me on choosing a career and a college.  The top three colleges I would really want to get into is Yale, Harvard, and MIT Tech. I want to be an engineering scientist for NASA. This trip to Atlanta is very important because it is such a big accomplish to represent our school to go to a national competition.  Thank you for taking the time to read my bio!!  

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